Serras de Azeitão Rosé 1
Serras de Azeitão Rosé 1

Serras de Azeitão Rosé 2023

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Tasting Note

With a pale pink color, Serras de Azeitão Rose presents fruity aromas prevenient from the Syrah grape variety. On the palate the aromatic sensations are intense, supplemented with good acidity, originating a wine with a full, fresh finish with mineral notes.

Produced from the Syrah grape variety, from vineyards located in the Península of Setúbal. After a careful sampling of the grape in the vineyard, the harvesting dates are marked. The grape enters the cellar, is cooled and gently pressed; The obtained wort is fermented at low temperatures (10-12°C), thus achieving a very slow fermentation aiming at the preservation of the aromas of the grape varieties. After the lots are made, there’s a protein and tartaric stabilization, followed by filtration.

Features Assessments1
Region Península de Setúbal
Grapes Syrah
Type of Wine Rosé
Capacity 75cl
Grade 13,0%
Gastronomy An ideal pair for salads, poultry, or to serve as an aperitif.
Service Temperature 8ºC - 10ºC
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5 Stars

Wine with a special taste, to be drunk fresh, very smooth. Probably one of the best Roses I've ever tasted. Purchased in Belgium.

Rocha em 12 April 2023
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