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Museu Berardo Estremoz

The Museu Berardo Estremoz is a joint initiative by the Berardo Collection and Estremoz Municipal Council.

This museum presents what is considered the largest and most important private collection of tiles in Portugal. 

Wine and Art Concept

The Berardo Collection includes in situ tile sets, a heritage that includes the Bacalhôa Palace and Estate (Azeitão) and the Tocha Palace (Estremoz), and more than four thousand and five hundred movable examples dating from the 13th to the 21st century. The collection takes us on a journey through the secular history of tiles. On display in the historic Tocha Palace, which already contains some magnificent late-Baroque and Rococo tile sets, the Museu Berardo Estremoz tells the story and history of the last eight centuries of tiling through its inaugural exhibition, "800 Years of Tile History".




- 9h às 17h30 (Winter Time)

- 9h às 19h (Summer Time)



The visit to Berardo Museum Estremoz is a guided tour, with an average duration of 1h30;

For reservations of guided tours: T: (+351) 268 080 281 or



- Museu Berardo Estremoz - 3,50€

Address and Contacts

Museu Berardo Estremoz

Largo dos Dragões de Olivença, nº 100

7100-457 Estremoz

Telephone: Shop: (+351) 914 232 377 ou Tours: (+351) 268 080 281 E-mail: Shop: ou Tours:
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