Privacy and Cookie Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We respect your privacy and are committed to us. We respect yout privacy are committed to protecting you. To best protect your privacy, we present this notice explaining our privacy practices and the available for how your information is collected and used.


We may requesr personally identifiable information when you request to an inquiry, participate in a contest, exchange correspondence with us or participate in certain other activities. You decide whether you wish to pursue any activity that solicits personal information. However, if you do not want to provide the requested personal information, you may not be able to complete the transaction. Similarly, when you visit our Websites, we will collect information known as "clickstreams" (IP address, domain name, etc.). This information combined with the data you provide, allows us to custumize your visits better.


We use personal infromation in the following ways: 1. To provide you with information about product updates, new products, services, newsletters, informational emails and research on ideas for future products or improvements; 2. To help us create relevant content for you; 3. To offer you special offers that may be of interest you; 4. To help us create better products and services that meet your needs; 5. To allow you to download documents, gain access to services or participate in other activities you selct; 6. To help you quickly find aoftware, services, or infromation about products important to you.


To ensure the security of your information, we have established a series of security measures and protections. Your personal information is stored on secure networks that can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have special access rights and undertake to respect and maintain the confidential nature of such information. Notwithstanding these measures, when you provide personal information on the Internet there is always a risk that may be intercepted and used by third parties outside our control. While we make every effort to procect your personal information and your privacy, we can not guarantee the security of the information you make available through the Internet.



In assition to the companies in our group and for the purposes described above, we do not sell, exchange or tranfer to third parties your personal information in any form. Your personal information may be transferred to third party subcontractors to provide us with certain services. We require these suppliers to use personal information anly on behalf of Maisis - Information Systems Lda. You may at time choose not to allow the sharing of your personal information with third parties. Such a request can be mede through our website in the contact section or simply by emailing us.


In order to improve the services offered, we may provide links to third party websites. Maisis - Information Systems, Lda is not responsible for the privacy practices of such Websites.We recommended that you read as their respective statements, as we are different. Maisis - Information Systems, Lda can not be responsible, for the content and activities of such websites.



Maisis - Information Systems, Lda, websites may use technology widely known is the industry as “cookies”. Cookie is a unique text file that a website sends to your browser software.Cookies allow a website to customize the information presented to you, based on your browsing preferences. We may use cookies to personalize your pages or to "remeber" you when registering products or services. If you do not want us to install cookies in your browser, you can set cookies to reject cookies. Rejecting cookies may effect your ability to use some of the servicfes on our website. Maisis - Information Systems, Lda also uses cookies to track visits to our websites. The information collected in this way hels us to optimize the content of websites, navigation on them and their performance.


There are several ways you can reviw, change or delete your personal information, or request that we do not send you additional information, or request that we do not send you a additional information. We may at the same time make these options available to you when you provide us with personal information. You may also reviw, update or delete your account by editing your profile and account settings in the registration area where and as applicable. To protect your privacy and securty, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identify before granting access or making corrections. If you have difficulty changing or delecting your personal information, you can contact us for assistance.


In the future, we may choose to modify or update this policy either because of changes in legislation or in order to cover new developments in the Internet. Accordingly, we reserve the right to make any changes in this regard and request that you visit this page on a regular basis, as such changes may affect you as a visitor to our website.


For any questions regarding this privacy policy and privacy aspects of our products and services, or to make a complaint, please contact:
Estrada Nacional 10,
Vila Nogueira de Azeitão
2925-901 Azeitão
T. +351 21 219 80 60
F. +351 21 219 80 66
Our Websites and the information collected are managed and controlled by Maisis - Information Systems, Lda. We provide sufficient guarantees regarding the protection of your personal information being administered in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal information, as well as this information privacy policy.







BACALHÔA GROUP needs to collect and process personal data from individuals for its activity. This includes information from customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people and members of organizations that you have contacted or may need to contact.

This policy describes how personal data must be collected, handled and stored in accordance with the data protection requirements of BACALHÔA and the law, regardless of its support (electronic, paper or any other).

This policy applies:

-To the headquarters of the BACALHÔA GROUP.

-All the branches of BACALHÔA GROUP.

-All employees of BACALHÔA GROUP regardless of the type of contract.

-All subcontractors, suppliers and other persons or organizations that act on behalf of BACALHÔA GROUP.




This policy ensures that BACALHÔA GROUP:


-Complies with the legislation on the protection of personal data, especially the EU Regulation 2016/679, of 27/04.

-Protects the rights of employees, customers and other partners.

-It is transparent about how it handles personal data.

-Protects yourself from the risk of personal data breaches.




The principles applicable to the protection of personal data are:


- Lawfulness, loyalty and transparency: it is necessary to identify the legal basis of each data processing and previously inform the holders in clear and accessible language about the purposes and the way in which we do it.

-Limitation of purposes: the specific purposes of the processing of personal data must be explicit, legitimate and determined when collecting personal data. Data collected for one purpose must not be used for anything other than the first.

-Suitability, relevance and minimization: only personal data necessary and adequate for the purposes to be achieved will be processed.

-Accuracy and Update: Necessary measures must be taken to ensure that inaccurate data is corrected or deleted.

-Limitation of retention: personal data will only be kept for the time necessary for the purpose for which they are intended. A deadline for erasure or destruction will be set for each set.

-Security and confidentiality: personal data will be stored in such a way as to guarantee their protection and their access will be conditioned in order to guarantee that only authorized personnel can process them.

-Privacy by design and by default: before any data processing takes place, steps will be taken to ensure that privacy is a concern from the beginning and throughout the processing process.

-Data subjects have the right of access, rectification, limitation of purposes, portability, erasure and opposition to automated decisions.

-The employee who receives contact from a holder who intends to exercise any of these rights, must verify the identity before providing any information, in accordance with the procedure for exercising rights. After that, you must forward the request to the EPD (Data Protection Officer) for processing.

-BACALHÔA GROUP may share data with public authorities without the knowledge of the holders in compliance with a legal or judicial obligation.



For any question related to the Protection of Personal Data, contact