Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 20 Anos 1

Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 20 Anos 2002

Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 20 Anos 1
Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 20 Anos 2005 1
Tasting Note

Amber in color with golden reflections and greenish highlights. As for the aromas, it’s possible to feel sweet orange, green tea, rose petals, hazelnuts, honey, cinnamon all resulting in a light, frsh and sweet moscatel with a very long finish.

This wine originates in the vineyards of Catarina and Nenas where the 2002 harvest, a late year, was carried out on the 4th of September 2002. Vinification follows the traditional practices of the region, common to the generous Moscatel de Setúbal variety, which undergoes a short fermentation in contact with the skins – fermentation that is then stopped with the addition of the selected wine brandy. The wine and brandy remain in contact with the skins, in maceration, during the following winter. After the wine is transferred and its masses pressed, it will be filled into oak barrels (with capacities between 180 and 225L), many of which were previously used in the aging of Malt Whiskey. Our aging system in special warehouses, here called “greenhouses”, where high and varied natural thermal amplitudes are verified throughout the year. This aging system causes a gradual concentration of the wines and the formation of very complex and surprising aromas and flavors. This generous Moscatel Roxo from the 2002 harvest is our sixth Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal Superior 20 years old. Barrels with the same harvest that will originate future bottlings (30 years, 40 years,...) continue to age.

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Region Península de Setúbal
Grapes Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal
Type of Wine Fortified
Capacity 50cl
Grade 20%
Ageing 20 years in oak barrels
Gastronomy As an appetizer served at 14-16ºC. At the end of the meal served at 16-18ºC, with cheeses of intense flavors, with desserts (great combinations with chocolate), with coffee, and after coffee.
Service Temperature 14ºC - 16ºC
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