Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O. 1
Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O. 1

Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O. 2018

Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O. 1
Tasting Note

This Moscatel de Setúbal has a young and fruity style, with a topaz color and classic moscatel aromas such as orange blossom, citrus, candied fruits, tea, and raisins. On the palate a heavy mouth feel with flavors matching the aromas combined with a long and persistent finish.

Following the same philosophy that led to the creation of our JP wine brand, we aimed to create a Moscatel from Setúbal, which aged for at least 12 months to result in a more accessible product. Moscatel de Setúbal and other fortified wines often carry a certain elite connotation or have a reputation that they should only be enjoyed on special occasions. Today, Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal is widely consumed in the region and its style is young and fruity and can be enjoyed under various circumstances, special occasions or just to end the work day.

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Region Península de Setúbal
Grapes Moscatel de Setúbal
Type of Wine Fortified
Capacity 75cl
Grade 17,5%
Ageing 1 year in used oak barrels
Gastronomy This wine is great as an aperitif, served chilled with a lemon rind. Also pairs nicely with desserts made with dark chocolate or simply as a digestive with a good coffee.
Service Temperature 10ºC - 12ºC
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Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal 0
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