With the arrival of hot and long days, it's impossible not to feel the need to taste a fresh white wine to accompany theseb moments. Spring, a season marked by renovations and novelties, brings good news to wine lovers: the Bacalhôa family of single varieties now has a new member, ready to surprise the palate of the most demanding connoisseurs.


A variety from France, which gained great prominence in New Zealand, it was planted in the clay-limestone terroir of the majestic Serra da Arrábida, more precisely in the prestigious Quinta da Bacalhôa. This, which in turn is already recognized for its wines of elegance and unique aroma, adds to the Bacalhôa monovariety family a new expression of flavor and quality.


This monovarietal – Bacalhôa Sauvignon Blanc, harvest of 2022, presents a very present natural acidity, very floral and aromatic due to the climatic conditions of this harvest, characterized by very slow maturation of the grapes that always favor the quality of white wines.


With an admirable concentration and freshness, this white reveals a surprising complexity of aromas and flavors, with precise and balanced notes of fruits and vegetables. Passion fruit and grapefruit aromas are especially evident, providing an unrivaled oenological experience.


This wine is the ideal pairing for lovers of Portuguese cuisine, whether light fish dishes such as salted sea bass, seafood or meat dishes. Due to its remarkable aromatic complexity, it also stands out as an excellent choice for international cuisine, more exotic and spicy, with dishes such as pad thai, sushi, Peruvian ceviche or a poke bowl, providing a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience.