Casal Mendes Sangria Red 1
Casal Mendes Sangria Red 1

Casal Mendes Sangria Red

Casal Mendes Sangria Red 1
Tasting Note

Intense fruity aromas, dominated by nuances of citric nature. Sweet and slightly carbonated.

A drink where the fruity aromas of citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime and orange. Soft and delicate spicy hints of cinnamon. The presence of citrus balances the natural sweetness of this lightly carbonated beverage.

Features Assessments2
Type of Wine Red Wine
Capacity 75cl
Grade 7º% Vol
Gastronomy A refreshing and pleasant beverage that can be drunk pure or with a few ice stones and fruits, accompanied by light dishes or simply for socializing.
Service Temperature 7ºC
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Casal Mendes Sangria Red

The best Sangria we have ever tasted. Every other sangria we have had whilst in portugal has not been anywhere near as good as this!

Bethan em 12 September 2023

Casal Mendes Sangria

Too carbonated

Dom Horácio em 12 September 2023
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Casal Mendes 1
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