Historic and irreverent brand presents a new range of wines and canned sangria – Different is a Good Place!

The Casal Mendes brand, which has more than 60 years of history, being known for its bold launches, has shown itself to be aware of market trends and its constant evolution, returning, in 2022, to be attentive.

Bet on the launch of a range of canned products of the brand – Rosé, White, Sangria Tinta, Blue (wine-based flavored cocktail). In this way, the Casal Mendes brand reinforces, once again, its versatile positioning that offers not only a diversity of products, for all tastes, but also a new variety of moments of consumption, provided by the ease of transport and opening of this new packaging. – on the beach, at a festival, at the pool, in the park, always ready to enjoy in any of the different places. With a fresh and dynamic image, the Casal Mendes cans arrived to make a different proposal to the consumer, because Different is a Good Place!