There is no longer any doubt that the best muscatels in the world are those from Setúbal.

Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O Superior 20 years – 2000, has continued to demonstrate its prestige, being awarded in national and international competitions. On the 6th of May, one of the most important wine competitions at national level took place, the 9th edition of the Wines of Portugal Competition, with around 1,500 entries, in which 109 national and international experts selected this Bacalhôa muscatel. as the Best Liqueur Wine in Portugal.

Of the various Bacalhôa wines awarded in this competition, it is worth mentioning the various awards from the Setúbal Peninsula, with this Moscatel not only obtaining the award for Best Liqueur Wine of the Year, among all wines from other regions of the country known for their fortified wines, but it also obtained a Great Gold Medal, thus placing this wine at the top of the best wines at national level. Additionally, the wines Catarina Branco 2021 and Bacalhôa Alicante Bouschet Red 2018 were also awarded a silver medal, which was also awarded the Gold Medal, 95 points in the International Wine Challenge. In this contest, the wines of the famous Moscatel Roxo - Bacalhôa Roxo Rosé - 2020 and Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo 5 years old also received 92 and 90 points (Silver Medal). Reinforcing the recognition of the quality of these muscatels, following this succession of awards, Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal D.O. 2018 was distinguished in the great international competition Mundus Vini-Spring Tasting, with a Gold Medal, having been showing an unparalleled quality and increasing its notoriety among consumers. The enology director of Bacalhôa, the oenologist Filipa Tomaz da Costa, is responsible for the success of these wines, one of the first women to succeed in this sector, since 1981.